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Colonel Danielle Willis Selected for Halifax International Security Fellowship

Colonel Danielle Willis, 93d Air Ground Operations Wing commander and student of Valdosta State’s Doctorate of Public Administration Program, has been selected for Halifax International Security’s “Peace with Women” Fellowship, an international security program for female officers within the North American Treaty Organization. The program specifically seeks senior, active-duty female officers and enrolls them in a three-week tour of the political and technological capitals of both the United States and Canada. Colonel Willis was one of the twelve women selected across the globe, with only one other woman selected from the United States. The three-week fellowship concludes with the Halifax International Security Forum; a forum in which international government officials, military leaders, academic experts, and other high-profile individuals converge to discuss matters of global security.

Colonel Willis’s long track record of service more than paints her as warranting the honor of being selected for the fellowship. From 1997 to 2008, Colonel Willis served as both an F-16 Pilot and an F-15E Weapons System Officer in the United States Air Force. Following her flying assignments, Colonel Willis became an instructor pilot for three years before transitioning into the role of Air Liaison Officer and Squadron Commander from 2011-2015. Colonel Willis then served another two years as a Deputy Division Chief before returning to the Air War College where she received a master’s degree in General Military Strategic Studies. After her graduation in 2018, Colonel Willis served as both the Vice Wing Commander and, now, the Wing Commander of the 93d Air Ground Operations Wing at Valdosta, Georgia’s own Moody Air Force Base. Without a doubt, Colonel Willis has been hard at work for many years in service of her country, and, as a country, it is a great honor that we are able to be represented by someone like her upon the international stage at the Halifax International Security’s “Peace with Women” Fellowship.

Colonel Danielle Willis

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